UP Week: The Global Reach of University Presses

Upweek-logo-2013Thirty-seven presses will unite for the Association of American University Presses annual University Press Week blog tour, which runs November 11-15. Individual presses will blog on a different theme each day, including profiles of university press staff members, the future of scholarly communication, subject area spotlights, the importance of regional publishing, and the global reach of university presses.


Nov. 15, The Global Reach of University Presses – International Bragging Rights

“In the first few pages from our recently released Spring 2014 catalog alone we have an insect cookbook translated from Dutch, a discussion of Jacques Lacan and a book of short plays by French philosopher Alain Badiou, and three books from the new Kenneth J. Arrow Lecture Series, which boast Nobel winners from America and India as authors.” –Columbia University Press

“We publish in Spanish, French, and English as a second language. But we also publish extensively in Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs). We have books for learning Chinese, Urdu, Uyghur, Uzbek, Pashto, Tajiki, Kazakh, Portuguese, Turkish, Japanese, and Arabic.” –Georgetown University Press

“We’ve seen equally strong growth in the number of Turkish, Czech, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish translations, among others. Taken all together this increased activity reflects changes in international economic development and national cultural priorities” –Princeton University Press

“…this year Yale University Press released three apps based on books: Pevsner’s Architectural Glossary, the Yale Book of Quotations, and Josef Albers’ Interaction of Color, each accompanied by heavy marketing campaigns on both sides of the Atlantic.” –Yale University Press

More examples of global publishing: 

Indiana University Press’s joint project with IU’s Center for the Study of Global ChangeFraming the Global 

Johns Hopkins University Press shares its global footprint through examples of books, journals, and electronic products

New York University Press publishes the Library of Arabic Literature, pre-modern Arabic texts in facing-page bilingual editions

Sheila Leary, director of the University of Wisconsin Press, interviewed Jan Vansina, one of the world’s foremost historians of Africa


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