Reviews and in the news roundup

HoustonWheels Stop
The Tragedies and Triumphs of the Space Shuttle Program, 1986-2011
By Rick Houston with a foreword by Jerry Ross

“On each page you are transported further and further into the book and even though at first the book may seem long, you will find yourself flying through this and compelled to read even more (or at least I was).”
-Christopher Lewis

Read an excerpt from the book.

Author Interview:
Midwestern Writers on Food
Edited and with an introduction by Peggy Wolff

Eating the Midwestern Way-Talk of Iowa

“One thing Midwesterns do better than everyone else (or at least claim to do better than everyone else) is bake pie.  Host Charity Nebbe speaks with Peggy Wolff, editor of the new book Fried Walleye and Cherry Pie about Midwestern cuisine, culture and of course pie.  Iowa writers Jeremy Jackson and Mary Kay Shanley who contributed to the collection also join the conversation.”
“Eating the Midwestern Way”

Read an excerpt from the book.


Christgau_MichaelWhizKidsMichael and the Whiz Kids
A Story of Basketball, Race, and Suburbia in the 1960s
By John Christgau

“It is a tale of cliffhanger games and players as outsized in character as they are short in stature, from the wild-haired, bespectacled ‘Professor’ to the well-traveled Latvian dubbed ‘Suitcase’ to the quiet and tenacious ‘Salt,’ as in ‘of the earth.'”
-Christopher Lewis

Read an excerpt from the book.
Author Interview:
Sovereign Screens Dowell
Aboriginal Media on the Canadian West Coast
By Kristin L. Dowell

Sovereign Screens

“Kristin L. Dowell uses the concept of visual sovereignty to examine the practices, forms, and meanings through which Aboriginal filmmakers tell their individual stories and those of their Aboriginal nations and the intertribal urban communities in which they work.”
Books on the Radio

Read an excerpt from the book.

LevinTheresa Bernstein
A Century in Art
Edited by Gail Levin

“Working in realist and expressionist styles, she treated the major subjects of her time, including the fight for women’s suffrage, the plight of immigrants, World War I, jazz, unemployment, racial discrimination, and occasionally explicitly Jewish themes such as a synagogue interior or ritual objects such as a menorah.”
-Christopher Lewis

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