The Marketeers Club: Naked Mountaineer Launch Party

Kylie Morrison-Sloat is publicity assistant in the marketing department. 

There was a great sense of community earlier this week as more than forty people gathered to celebrate the launch of Steve Sieberson’s book, The Naked Mountaineer. Each person who arrived was openly excited about Steve’s accomplishment and eager to hear more about his adventurous tales.

This was my first author event and it was everything I imagined it would be. The energy from the author and the pride from his wife, students, colleagues, and friends, was a thrill to witness in person. Books, especially memoirs, represent a piece of the author and that was clear as Steve worked the room, leaving signatures and sharing tidbits from the pages within.

It was satisfying and encouraging to see my job from a different point of view. The passion and excitement from the author and fans is something you just can’t fully realize via email on a day-to-day basis.

Congratulations, Steve, on your accomplishment and thank you for allowing me to share in a little bit of the joy!



Top left: Poster at the entrance of the event, which was held at Midtown Crossing’s Cantina Laredo in Omaha, Neb.

Bottom left:  Molly Skold, Midtown Crossing events manager, shares kind words about Steve and his book.

Top right: Steve’s climbing equipment and backpack.

Bottom right: Martyn Beeny, UNP marketing manager, gets a rundown of what the equipment is used for.

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