Below are some people who have read and loved our books. What have you been reading?


By Jerry Izenberg

The Wall Street Journal review:
“The book allows us to appreciate Rozelle’s savvy. He always seemed to have something for everyone—you never went home hungry if you hung out with Pete.”

Read an excerpt from the book.,675900.aspxUses of Plants by the Hidatsas of the Northern Plains
By Gilbert Livingston Wilson

CHOICE review:
“Indispensable to anyone interested in Native American life on the plains; valuable for ethnobiology and Native American studies.”

Read an excerpt of the book.


Hemingway on a BikeHemingway on a Bike
By Eric Freeze

Brevity review:
“Freeze covers a broad range of strange topics, from foosball to beards, pro wrestling to Vulcans, Angry Birds to barracudas. Freeze artfully captures not only his meditations on these varied subjects, but his enticing imagination as well. And his playfulness is contagious.”

Read an excerpt of the book.


Man versus BallMan versus Ball
By Jon Hart

Boxscore review:
“It is difficult to write a book like this. Too often, writers get bogged down in mundane details or attempt to liven up their adventures with cornball antics. Such is not the case with Hart. He is an excellent storyteller with a keen eye for detail. In the end, he succeeds in showing a side of sports that few people ever notice. A human side, far from the bright lights and glory one associates with sports. Man Versus Ball is a good read, and one that would make a great gift for any lover of sports.”

Read an interview with the author.


Fluent SelvesFluent Selves
By Suzanne Oakdale

Anthropology Review Database review:
“The book should forever dispel any remaining hesitation to take biography and autobiography seriously and should encourage anthropologists to appreciate the individual life and experience—even the exceptional one—as illustrative of important transpersonal processes that are not lost but enlivened when perceived through the lens of actual people.”

Read an excerpt from the book.


Deep Map CountryDeep Map Country

By Susan Naramore Maher

Prairie Fire review:
Deep Map Country succeeds if it turns readers to the authors that Susan Maher analyzes in the book—such as Wallace Stegner, John Janovy, Loren Eiseley, Linda Hasselstrom, and others referred to in this study—and read them for themselves.”

Read an excerpt of the book.

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