The Blind Man and the Loon
By Craig Mishler

 Journal of Folklore Research review:
“… a vital contribution to folk-narrative research.”

Read an excerpt from the book.



By Sue Eisenfeld

We’re All Relative review:
Shenandoah is Eisenfeld’s simple love song to the Park.”

Visit the author’s website.


Rosen-WorstTeamEver.inddPerfectly Awful
By Charley Rosen

AETHLON review:
“Charley Rosen’s Perfectly Awful provides an insider’s summary of the worst season in NBA history. His anecdotes and knowledge of the game give the reader an enlightening sense of the pre-merger NBA of the early 1970s, and of the 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers, still the team most associated with losing by American sports fans.”

Read an excerpt from the book.


RawleyA Lincoln Dialogue
By James A. Rawley

CHOICE review:
“James Rawley (d. 2005) was one of the most influential Civil War historians of his generation, and his prowess as a historian is still evident today, as this posthumous work edited by William Thomas (Univ. of Nebraska) makes clear.  Rawley’s overarching history of Abraham Lincoln’s presidency encompasses the various trials and tribulations with which Lincoln had to contend.  Though debates on the military course of the war comprise the majority of the text, Rawley also provides extensive discussions of political, economic, and social debates, especially relating to emancipation, which drew Lincoln’s attention and ability to take decisive action.”

The Life of Abraham Lincoln by Isaac N. Arnold might also be of interest.


9780803246270-Perfect.inddReading Unruly
By Zahi Zalloua

CHOICE review:
“Also author of Montaigne and the Ethics of Skepticism (2005), Zalloua succeeds in bringing unity to six unquestionably inventive French writers from various epochs whose primary distinction is an unwillingness to be corralled: Montaigne, Diderot, Baudelaire, Sartre, Robbe-Grillet, and Duras.”

See the entire Symploke Studies in Contemporary Theory Series here.


SmithersNative Diasporas
By Gregory D. Smithers and Brooke N. Newman

CHOICE review:
“The book’s overall significance is its nicely broadened overview of the layered, multiple, and fluid identities crafted through or in response to colonial encounters.  The editors have also carefully selected texts that address precisely how these complexities have worked and what unique factors shape their construction—a collectively diverse treatment that makes this book a unique scholarly contribution.”

See the entire Borderlands and Transcultural Studies Series here.


Olsen-EuroAirpower.inddEuropean Air Power
By John Andreas Olsen

CHOICE review:
“The strategic-political issues are well summarized, and will prove helpful to readers interested in introductory research on the topic of current air power.”

Read an excerpt from the book.



Snyder-HillSoldier of Change
By Stephen Snyder-Hill

Washington Blade review:
Soldier of Change succeeds not just because of what author Stephen Snyder-Hill says, but also the way he says it. Reading this book is kind of like having a beer with a buddy. It’s chatty rather than stuffy with a bit of brevity sprinkled here and there, yet Snyder-Hill’s outrage comes through loud and clear as he takes his story further, writing about life as a gay man during DADT days, his activism and the work he’s done on behalf of gay and lesbian soldiers. It has a genuine feel to it. “Soldier” is an important story to read if you need to know where LGBT rights have been and who’s brought them forward. It’s also one to enjoy if you want an informal, easy-to-like memoir. Even in this post-DADT time, Soldier of Change is a book to call for.”

Read an excerpt from the book.


FeldmanOutside the Bible
Edited by Louis H. Feldman, James L. Kugel, and Lawrence H. Schiffman

Bible History Daily review:
“Overall, this publication is a gold mine. The series is beautifully printed and bound. On display are the creative geniuses of Second Temple Judaism who have excited both Jews and Christians. The insights shared in the commentaries are superb. Rabbi Azariah de Rossi, cited at the end of the quotation that opens this review, would be pleased.”

Read an excerpt from the book.


RabowThe Lost Matriarch
By Jerry Rabow

Jewish Book Council review:
“This new treatment of the Biblical matriarch Leah is a well researched and a refreshing new look at an old story.”

Read an excerpt from the book.

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