NEWS AND REVIEWS – Fourth Grade Edition

Last week, UNP’s publicity manager, Rosemary Vestal, and publicist, Kylie Morrison, went to a local fourth grade classroom and donated copies of Pioneer Girl: A True Story of Growing Up on the Prairie by Andrea Warren.



They received twenty-four beautiful thank you cards. See some cards below:


FullSizeRender (17)

“Thank you for the books you gave us.  They are really interesting.” -Max

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“I love the books.  They are really good books.  Its not just me who likes it, everyone does too!” -Allison

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“Thank you for the books.  All I’ve seen I love it!” -Ava

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“Thanks for the books.  We love it a lot.  We will read it a few times.” -Gabby

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“Just a special thanks because you must have done a lot to get those books.” -Riada

The books were greatly appreciated, as one student said, “You sprang my day up!”

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