The Marketeers Club: December & January Exhibit Round Up

Emily Giller is the exhibits coordinator and media planner in the marketing department. 

FeldmanAssociation of Jewish Studies (AJS)

December 14-16, 2014 (Baltimore, MD)

JPS conference attendee: Rabbi Barry Schwartz, Director of JPS

“One of the pleasures of attending a conference is to meet authors in person for the first time. In two cases at AJS these were individuals that I had emailed and spoken with on the phone more than a year ago. I learned that one of our authors is defending his dissertation, having a baby, and finishing our book all at the same time!

The opportunity to check in with several other authors already working on projects was also valuable, and two chance encounters may lead to serious proposals.

Admiration for Outside the Bible and our Bible commentaries remains high.”—Rabbi Barry Schwartz

Books with the most buzz:

Outside the Bible edited by Louis H. Feldman, James L. Kugel, and Lawrence H. Schiffman

The Bible’s Many Voices by Michael Carasik


9780803255357-Perfect.inddAmerican Historical Association (AHA)

January 2-5, 2015 (New York, New York)

UNP conference attendees: Bridget Barry, History Editor; Emily Giller, Exhibit Coordinator and Media Planner

“The University of Nebraska Press recently attended the American Historical Association’s 129th annual meeting, held this year in New York City.  The conference theme of “History and Other Disciplines” helped to attract a wide range of scholars, and the book exhibit was well-attended.  Many of our authors stopped by to say hello, and we were able to catch up with our colleagues in the publishing world.  We also spoke with many historians about their research and book projects, and we’re excited about the new directions and views emerging in historical scholarship.”—Bridget Barry

Books with the most buzz:

Range Wars: The Environmental Contest for White Sands Missile Range by Ryan H. Edgington

Generation Removed: The Fostering and Adoption of Indigenous Children in the Postwar World by Margaret Jacobs

Choctaw Resurgence in Mississippi: Race, Class, and Nation Building in the Jim Crow South, 1830-1977 by Katherine M. B. Osburn

The Heart in the Glass Jar by William E. French (July 2015)

Elizabeth K. was the winner of our register to win at the AHA conference this year. She won $150 worth of books, including Now We Will be Happy by Amina Gautier, The Jews of Moslem Spain, Vol 1 by Eliyahu Ashtor, The Jews of Moslem Spain, Vol 2 by Eliyahu Ashtor, A History of the Jews in Christian Spain, Vol 1 by Yitzhak Baer, A History of the Jews in Christian Spain, Vol 2 by Yitzhak Baer, and In the Year 1096: The First Crusade and the Jews by Michael Chazan.


9780803245372Linguistic Society of America (LSA)

January 8-11, 2015 (Portland, OR)

UNP conference attendee: Heather Stauffer, Editorial Assistant

“The RLLA booth showcased new and frontlist titles from the university presses of Texas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska. Attendance at the conference was up this year, and the exhibit hall was well attended by interested scholars and students, as well as a few software designers. The cover designs (of all three presses) got the most praise, but the RLLA titles also drew a lot of attention.

They included:

Kawsay Vida (University of Texas Press) by Rosaleen Howard

Cherokee Reference Grammar (University of Oklahoma Press, May 2015) by Brad Montgomery-Anderson

The Cherokee Syllabary (University of Oklahoma Press) by Ellen Cushman

Translating Maya Hieroglyphs (University of Oklahoma Press) by Scott A. J. Johnson

Gathering the Potawatomi Nation (University of Oklahoma Press) by Christopher Wetzel

A Reference Grammar of the Kotiria (Wanano) (University of Nebraska Press) by Kristine Stenzel

Defying Maliseet Language Death (University of Nebraska Press) by Bernard C. Perley

Upper-Perene Arawak Narratives of History, Landscape, and Ritual (University of Nebraska Press) by Elena Mihas

Native Languages of the Southeastern United States (University of Nebraska Press) edited by Janine Scancarelli and Heather K. Hardy

A Grammar of Creek (Muskogee) (University of Nebraska Press) by Jack B. Martin with the assistance of Margaret McKane Mauldin and Juanita McGirt”

—Heather Stauffer

Clarissa S. was the winner of our register to win at the LSA conference this year. She won $150 worth of books.

-Emily (@emilyrg2)

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