A Word from Our Readers

We love to hear from our readers. Check out what people are saying on Amazon:


9780803249752-Perfect.inddHemingway on a Bike by Eric Freeze
“It’s a quick read and don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to go back to read some if not all the essays a second or third time. In short, I loved it!” –Hillary (Amazon 12/15/2014)





Before the West Was West by Amy Hamilton
“I liked this so much that I’m using it to anchor an early-American literature class (graduate) this summer. I’m fascinated by how literature both reflects and molds social mythology and expectations. Fun read.” –Dorothy (Amazon 01/11/2015)



DavisA Law Unto Herself by Rebecca Davis
“Fans of Davis and early American novels/literature will enjoy this, but I don’t know about the casual reader. For me, the ending was a bit of a let down. If you are familiar with “Life in the Iron Mills,” you might find that this resolution doesn’t seem quite so organic.” –Bradley (Amazon 12/13/2014)




Eisenfeld-Shenandoah.inddShenandoah by Sue Eisenfeld
“A very interesting book. I knew nothing of the history of the Shenandoah National Park. This book reveals the stories of the people who lived there before the Park was ‘created’ -and the politics behind its creation.” –Deborah (Amazon 1/4/2015)



WaltzWarrior Diplomat by Michael Waltz
“This is a well done published document that is a must read for the average American, students of history and people now involved in future policy making. I highly recommend this book.” –Linda (Amazon 12/7/2014)




O'Brien_UNPWild Idea by Dan O’Brien
“A very informative and entertaining read about South Dakota and the buffalo. I fell in love with both the author and the buffalo. His description of the weather and the people was correct.” –Norma (Amazon 10/1/2014)




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