A Far Corner
By Scott Ezell
Taipei Times review
A Far Corner is so magnificent, and so richly deserving of classic status.”







Prairie Forge 9780803248786
By James Kimble
Scrap Magazine review
“Kimble’s research and interviews breathe life into this little-known contribution to the U.S. war effort. Prairie Forge is an entertaining, well-written narrative of the tremendous role Nebraskans, Henry Doorly, and scrap metal played in shaping the early years of the war.”






In Reach9780803254831
By Pamela Joern
Collegeville Institute review
“Joern’s trip through the town of Reach is really, in the end, a tour of the human heart—in all of its blessedness, wickedness, ambiguity, and sorrow. We laugh, weep, and struggle with her characters because we laugh, weep, andstruggle with our own lives. Joern is a seasoned tour guide. As she tells her stories, she lets us know that she understands our broken, beautiful, humanity. For that we should give her thanks.”


Catholic Borderlands9780803248779
By Anne Martinez
Catholic Books Review
Catholic Borderlands should be read by anyone teaching or doing research in American religious history.”







By Robert K. Fitts
Japan Times review
“Sometimes historical analysis can’t compete with a good personal story, as Robert K. Fitts—a baseball expert and former archaeologist—proves with his newest book”







War on the Silver Screen9781612346410
By Glen Jeansonne and David Luhrssen
Critics At Large review
“The authors combine their talents to argue that war films have done more than books or history lessons to influencepeople’s perception of war. Their thesis is bracing, perhaps even self-evident, but it is difficult to prove with empirical evidence. The book’s greatest strength is that it gives almost equal space to the historical context as it does to the films themselves.”

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