Reading List: Cinco De Mayo

In honor of the Battle of Puebla we are showcasing our Mexican Experience Series, a collection of books that explore the rich and varied character of the Mexican experience through narrative, description, and analysis. With an emphasis on the many Mexican cultures, the series examines historical, anthropological, geographical, ethnographical, and environmental issues in modern Mexico and represents diverse perspectives,  featuring the voices and views of authors from all around the world.



The Civilizing Machine

By Michael Matthews

A cultural history of Mexican railroads during the Porfiriato.



Celebrating Insurrection

By Will Fowler

A collection of essays examining the complicated legacy of pronunciamientos and their place in Mexican political culture.



Muy Buenas Noches

By Celeste Gonzalez de Bustamante

A study of the relationship between television journalism and Mexico’s PRI during the cold war.



The Plan de San Diego

By Charles Harris

A new interpretation of the Plan of San Diego which situates the document in support of the Mexican Revolution and argues that its authors and supporters had the backing of Mexican president and revolutionary leader Venustiano Carranza.



Seen and Heard in Mexico

By Elena Jackson Albarran

An examination of the Mexican government’s use of children to advance their state-formation goals following the Mexican Revolution, and the experience of children during this campaign.



Railroad Radicals in Cold War Mexico

Robert Alegre

An in-depth study of railroad labor activism in the context of Mexico’s Cold War experience.


Malcontents, Rebels, and Pronunciados

By Will Fowler

A collection of essays examining the rebel leaders behind pronunciamientos in nineteenth-century Mexico.


See the full Mexican Experience Series list here.



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