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By Brian Glyn Williams

Book inspires rock album; full story in Rolling Stone:

“A concept about the dehumanizing aspects of drone technology is, however, fresh territory for a  rock band. Bellamy first got the idea about two years ago when he read the book Predators: The CIA’s Drone War on al Qaeda by Dartmouth professor Brian Glyn Williams. ‘I was shocked,’ he says. ‘I didn’t know how prolific drone usage has been. I always perceived Obama as an all-around likable guy. But from reading the book, you find out that most mornings he wakes up, has a breakfast and then goes down to the war room and makes what they call ‘kill decisions.’ He makes that decision based on a long chain of intelligence people who, as we all know, can be very unreliable.”



The NYPD’s First Fifty Years
By Bernard Whalen and Jon Whalen

Books on the History of the Police from The New York Times:
“. . . provides some welcome historical perspective on current events . . . nonetheless priceless.”


Jordan-DesertDiplomat POTOMAC.indd

Desert Diplomat
By Robert W. Jordan with Steve Fiffer

Author appearance on CNN with Maggie Lake.



The Ordinary Spaceman
By Clayton C. Anderson

Author appearance on ABC News:

“Life as an Astronaut: Everything You Wanted to Know About Space in 60 Seconds”



Queen of the Fall
By Sonja Livingston

Reader’s response in the Los Angeles Review of Books:

“She writes effectively, and with wrenching precision . . . Livingston presents her experiences, circumstances, and interests with nuance and poetic detail . . .”



Canoeing in the Great Plains
By Patrick Dobson

The Kansas City Star review:

“…a travel memoir that duly describes the remarkable sights beheld but also makes room for an interior journey that includes lessons learned. One of those lessons, at least according to this reader: Get on with it, whatever it is you feel compelled to do, no matter the fear.”



Words Like Daggers
By Kirilka Stavera

CHOICE review:

“This study has much to add to understanding how the transgressive work of women’s words and the power that they contained was seen as both threatening and a very active part of the society and stage of early modern England.”



The JPS Torah Commentary: Leviticus
Commentary by Baruch Levine

Words on the Word review:

“Levine matches the density of the text with detail of his own, drawing also on rabbinical  traditions to help the reader understand the world of the text. Levine addresses historical  background and theology, as well as exegetical detail at the word level . . . even his detailed exegesis highlights the larger literary context.”



Island of Bones
By Joy Castro

Listicle in Bustle:

“This memoir, told through essay, almost seems to vibrate with Castro’s anger and sense of loss . . .  Castro wields language, both English and Spanish, so stunningly that her words are best read slowly and lingered over.”



How Was It Possible?
Edited by Peter Hayes

Review from the Jewish Book Council:

“The anthology should prove valuable not only to academic specialists, but to college students,  their teachers, as well as an introduction for the general reader to understand the ongoing effort to answer how the Holocaust was possible. In short, How Was It Possible constitutes an  invaluable resource and should find its place in all libraries.”

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