A Word From Our Readers

We love to hear from our readers. Check out what people are saying on Amazon about some of our most recent titles:



The JPS Bible Commentary: Song of Songs commentary by Michael Fishbane

“The JPS Bible Commentary on the Song of Songs is an incredible resource for reading and study. The introduction explains clearly the issues surrounding the inclusion of this book in the Hebrew Bible, detailing the rabbinic discussions about the canon. Also included is an overview of some of the language aspects, including repetition, similes and dialogic structure. The Song of Songs is placed in the historical and geographic context of the Ancient Near East, showing parallels with Mesopotamian and Egyptian love poetry. The commentary itself is thorough and beautifully presented, addressing the traditional four levels of Jewish interpretation: Peshat, Derash, Remez and Sod. At the end of the book is a concise history of Jewish interpretations of the Song of Songs.” –Kathleen (Amazon 4/10/2015)



Goldberg-Good of the Game.inddUnrivaled by Jeff Goldberg

“This is a fascinating and unbiased look back at a great rivalry between two great programs.” –CT (Amazon 3/23/2015)





Sharing Our Knowledge by Sergei KanKan

“This is an excellent anthology of a unique multi-disciplined conference focused on the indigenous peoples of the Northwest Coast. Sergei Kan is the unusual anthropologist who writes clearly about complex subjects. He has many insights to share based on his decades of close personal relations with the people who are the subject of the conference and this book.” –Peter (Amazon 5/6/2015)





This Strange WildernessThis Strange Wilderness by Nancy Plain

“Nancy Plain’s This Strange Wilderness: The Life and Art of John James Audubon joins her long list of masterpiece writing. Plain tells the life story of John James Audubon in a concise, lively manner. Her book is illustrated with the great artwork of America’s premier ornithologist. Together the smooth engaging prose and the excellent choice of images will keep young and old thoroughly engaged to the end and wanting to learn more about Audubon and his work.” –W.E. (Amazon 3/25/2015)




9781612347288Cheated by Jay Smith and Mary Willingham

“Outstanding book. Finally, a real inside view into the cross section of major college athletics and academics. The authors reveal a system of hypocrisy and self interest that would not be tolerated elsewhere. The shame is that the people most hurt by the current system are the athletes themselves. Hopefully this book will spark a real review of the current system which hopefully will result in meaningful change that educates the athletes while attaining a high level of athletic competition. Again, my hat is off to the authors of Cheated.” –Charles (Amazon 4/10/2015)




ZachterGil Hodges by Mort Zachter

“I read this book in just a few days. Well written and the best baseball biography I’ve read – Clemente, Musial, Ruth, etc. A lot of insight into Hodges’s strengths and weaknesses as both a ballplayer and manager. Also, when Zachter compares Hodges’s accomplishments to similarly situated ballplayers it’s obvious that Hodges is in a grouping of players where almost all are in the Hall of Fame. Highly recommend the book for baseball fans, American history buffs, and persons interested in the development of personal strength and integrity.” –Mark (Amazon 4/18/2015)

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