Reading List: Summer Vacation

Ah, summer time is finally here, and if you’re anything like us here at UNP the perfect summer vacation is right around the corner. Our newest reading list is full of books perfect for a weekend trip out of town or a flight across the world. If you are stuck at home this summer, let one of these great books transport you to a different time and place. It’ll be like you had a globetrotting adventure of your own!


Canoeing the Great Plains

By Patrick Dobson

Follows up on Dobson’s successful first memoir, Seldom Seen (Nebraska, 2009), chronicling Dobson’s return journey down the Missouri River from Helena to Kansas City in 1995.


Bible on Location

By Julie Baretz

This colorful guidebook takes readers to twenty-one off-the-beaten-track locations of Bible stories and makes them come alive through the lenses of history, archaeology, midrash, and modern scholarship.

Leclercq-Yellowstone.inddYellowstone, Land of Wonders

By Jules Leclercq

An account of a nineteenth-century Belgian writer’s travels through Yellowstone National Park in its early days.


By Matthew Frank

Chronicle of the six months Matthew Frank lived in Italy, working the grape harvest and exploring the food and drink of the Barolo region.


How to Cook a Tapir

By Joan Fry

A memoir of a year livingwith the Maya in Belize, learning how to live and cook.


Walk of Ages

By Jim Reisler

The story of Edward Payson Weston’s epic 1909 walk across America.

In the Shadows of a Fallen Wall

By Sanford Tweedie

Tweedie’s memoir of the year he and his family lived in Erfurt, Germany, that describes the difficulties of an expat life and explores the continuing influences of the wall and the legacies of communist rule.
9780803235373Black Elephants

By Karol Nielsen

A compelling memoir of an American/Israeli relationship during the first Gulf War.



By Robert Camuto

Robert Camuto chronicles a year in Sicily’s burgeoning wine scene, focusing on its characters, culture, and changing community.

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