In Cold Storage by James W. Hewitt


Review from Federal Trial Judge blog Hercules and the Umpire:

“What makes the book sing is the writing. The reader is patiently told of the facts with the skill of the best newspaper writer. We learn the texture and the feel of the place and the people. The official story is told, and then deconstructed with the scalpel of an experienced lawyer.”

From the Mouths of Dogs by B. J. Hollars


From Kirkus Reviews:

“An honest, heartwarming choice for animal lovers.”

The Battle for Paradise by Jeremy Evans


Also from Kirkus Reviews:

“Evans uncovered fascinating back stories . . . An informative and well-documented story for readers interested in the intersection of business and ecology.”

Cheated by  Jay M. Smith and Mary Willingham

Smith CheatedNEW

Praise from the Christian Science Monitor:

“Probably no college athletic scandal has ever been reported in as much detail as Jay M. Smith and Mary Willingham have done in Cheated, which exposes the extensive dirty academic laundry at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus . . . they expose not only the shenanigans but the university’s efforts at damage control.”

Prairie Forge by James J. Kimble

Applause from the Journal of American History:

“Kimble tells this tale in a fresh and clear manner. His research is thorough, and his devotion to the subject obvious.”

Outside the Bible by Feldman, Kugel, and Schiffman

Praise from the Review of Biblical Literature:

Outside the Bible offers new insights into the development of Judaism and Early Christianity. This three-volume set of translations, introductions, and detailed commentaries is a must for scholars, students, and anyone interested in this great body of ancient Jewish writings.”


Jack Ross


Author quoted in The Guardian:

“A generation after the cold war, there deserves to be a reexamination of socialism on its own terms,” says Ross. “It will have a salutatory effect on the liberal left.”

Listen to an author interview through Bloggingheads TV.

Robert W. Jordan

Jordan-DesertDiplomat POTOMAC.indd

Press release on PRWeb:

“Designed to educate people who do not really know anything about the Middle East, Desert Diplomat depicts some of the most important times in history which includes Jordan’s preparation, arrival, and interaction with the Saudis and with his U.S. mentors, advisors, and superiors in the years following. His no holds bar ‘play-by-play’ memoir is an easy read that reveals his personal and intimate revelations of what really happened.”

Listen to an interview with the author on WNYC.

Heather Fryer


Watch a discussion with author on C-SPAN.

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