Micah Goodman, Maimonides and the Book that Changed Judaism

Praise from Publishers  Weekly:

“suitable for both spiritual seekers and intellectually curious laypeople . . . Goodman’s explanation of Maimonides’s Guide concentrates on the most fundamental question of the Guide: what constitutes a life well-lived? Goodman considers the aim of the Guide in its original context and its impact on Judaism in previous ages, as well as its continued relevance, particularly its value to people living in a post-modernist, skeptical age.”


Ross Coen, Fu-Go

Recommendation from Military Review:

“Coen, a historian of the American West, weaves thorough research into a well-written narrative. His description . . . is both fascinating and easily understood.”


Robert K. Fitts, Mashi

Review from MetroActive:

‘The book is chock-full of similarly intriguing anecdotes . . . Fitts does a great job illuminating specific characters in the backstory.”

Martinez-Catholic Borderlands.indd

Anne M. Martinez, Catholic Borderlands

Overview from H-NET:

“Ultimately, Catholic Borderlands makes a compelling argument that we cannot understand US empire without looking beyond what we know about Protestant providentialism and Manifest Destiny. . . Future scholars of US empire, American religion, and American studies more broadly would do well do draw on the findings of this important work.”



Ladan Osman, The Kitchen-Dweller’s Testimony

Author interview in The Paris Review:

“I think sincere witness can function like a skeleton key. A good story—one that knows its use and power—startling imagery and syntax, and a curious perspective can help us bypass problematic social and political structures that are in part designed to limit voice.”


Mary Willingham, Cheated

Co-author to attend the 2015 Festival of Books and Authors, and will be involved in panel discussion. Learn more about the event from the Winston-Salem Journal.


Paul H. Robinson, Pirates, Prisoners & Lepers

Author article published in The Wall Street Journal about the president’s new law concerning prisoners and convicts.


Tim Grove, A Grizzly in the Mail

Author article published in History News Network about the Confederate memorial controversies.

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