Return to Zion by Eric Gartman

Thumbs-up from the Kirkus Reviews:

“A thorough, proficient overview that quietly hums a pro-Jewish tune.”

Smith CheatedNEW

Cheated by Jay M. Smith and Mary Willingham

A review from CHOICE:

“…the authors meticulously lay out the patterns of systemic corruption and lack of institutional control.  This book should be required reading for everyone, both those on campus and fans in the stands or in front of their flat-screens.”


Sharing Our Knowledge Edited by Sergei Kan with Steve Henrikson

Recommendation from CHOICE:

“Typically, the more interesting a book is, the more tangents are available to readers.  This book sent this reviewer on numerous tangents.”


The Southern Exodus to Mexico by Todd W. Wahlstrom

Applause from the Civil War Book Review:

“This is an important book, and it deserves a place on reading lists for graduate seminars and Civil War enthusiasts alike. Indeed, not only does Wahlstrom add a great deal to the historiographical discussion in Civil War history, but his work also serves as a significant contribution to Southern, emancipation, and borderlands history.”


Grizzly West by Michael J. Dax

Praise from In These Times:

“Countless books and documentaries exist to help you fall in love with the bear, to showcase their intelligence, strong mother-cub bonds and the transformative roles they play within their ecosystems. Dax, however, explores the bear more as symbol than as organism. He traces the West’s changing character and the broader development of endangered species politics, giving us the comprehensive background we need to understand the bear’s fate, and what the Bitterroot defeat can teach us for the future.”


Prisoner of the Vampires of Mars by Gustave Le Rouge, translated by David Beus and Brian Evenson

Two-part review from The Complete Review:

“The early twentieth-century science fiction novel The Prisoner of the Planet Mars is, on the one hand, a simple man-goes-to-Mars story. Yet much of the fun of this novel is found in how it veritably drips with tropes and devices from the popular literature of the time, making for a well-executed genre-transcending grab-bag of much of the popular (European) writing of that time. Adventure! Mystery! Spiritualism! Hard science! Industrial fortunes! Romance! Exotic places and races and species! The novel has it all.”


Fred Minnick


Author interview in Modern Notion:

“Perhaps the most fascinating part of our conversation with Minnick is about women’s role—or rather, roles—in Prohibition. Women drove to make alcohol illegal, and their motivations were just, argues Minnick: many of them were losing their husbands to the ill effects of drinking. But there were also plenty of women on the opposing side, both bootlegging and pushing to end Prohibition.”

Clayton C. Anderson


Book signing at The Bookworm in Omaha, Neb.

Tim Grove


Author article in the Charleston Gazette-Mail:

“If people today can’t understand that history is relevant and impacts the present, then we have a problem. With so many history examples highlighted in the news these days, this is a prime opportunity to talk about why it is important to understand the past and to think critically about it.”

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