Reading List: At the Old Ball Game

With this reading list, the long baseball-playing days of summer don’t have to come to an end.


A Game of Their Own

by Jennifer Ring

From baseball’s history of shunning girls from the game to the undeniable success of the 2010 Women’s Baseball World Cup, Ring gives voice to the many incredible players who’ve never been in the public eye.


The Colonel and Hug

by Steven Steinberg and Lyle Spatz

A biography of the men who turned the New York Yankees into the team they are today.

Baseball Without Borders

Edited by George Gmelch

A collection of original essays about baseball in other cultures, notably Asia, Europe, the Americas and the Pacific, which explores a wide range of issues for each region.



by Robert K. Fitts

Biography of Masanori Murakami, the first Japanese player to play in the Major Leagues.

Walker-Crack of the Bat.indd

Crack of the Bat

By James R. Walker

The history of the symbiotic relationship between Major League Baseball and the radio in the United States.


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