Meet the Dogs of UNP

Introducing the dogs of UNP in honor of National Dog Week!

Kaanu Beeny

Kaanu, Siberian Husky

“He likes beer, hotdogs, and has the ability to shuck a peanut.”


Watson, Westie

“Watson ran away two days after we adopted him and spent four February nights on the lam. Despite being cold and hungry he was reluctant to come home, but through the strategic use of salami and a squeaky toy we were able to lure him back. He’s been a willing prisoner ever since.”


Ivy, Westie

“When Ivy goes on walks she expects to be fussed over by all and sundry. If she doesn’t receive enough attention and compliments, she gets upset and starts to eat weeds.”


Isabelle, German Shepherd

“She doesn’t like to walk from carpeted areas to wood floors, so she turns around and goes in backwards.”


Kazoo, Chihuahua/Yorkie mix. (Probably.)

“Zoo is a champion chewer and particularly enjoys large-breed-size deer antlers and Himalayan Dog Chews (seen in photo).”


Jackson, Basset Hound/Coonhound mix (pictured on the left)

“His bark is so loud that it rattles objects on shelves; sometimes to the point where they fall off.”

Lady Penelope, Basset Hound (pictured on the right)

“In addition to all of the usual Basset quirks (stubborn, lazy, stubborn, adorable, stubborn, etc.) she also runs away from us if we are wearing new shoes.”


Hank, Poodle mix

Hank has his own blog:


Abby, Shepherd mixed breed (from the Humane Society)

“Her self-appointed task is to clear the yard of all squirrels, rabbits, and small rodents, preferably without getting her feet wet. This includes barking at the squirrels until they leave the tree in the back yard, and the telephone wire.”


Frankie, Hound mix

“Laying on the nice soft couch is often not comfortable enough for Frankie. He will either climb on top of the back cushion, which will squish down enough for him to fit, or he will pull it down until it is lying flat and then sleep on it.”


Cassi, Labrabull/Pitador

“True to a breed I’ve heard described as ‘tenacious goofballs.’ She lives to play tug-of-war.”


Reese, German Shorthair Pointer

“When she’s really excited she spins in the air.”


Ollie, Bichon/Shih Tzu

 “Enjoys watching other dogs compete in Best in Show  (pictured).”

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