A Word From Our Readers

We love to hear from our readers. Check out what people are saying on Amazon and Goodreads about some of our most recent titles:

9780803256637-Perfect.indd“I was twelve years old and living in McCook when these murders happened. I remember well how the community reacted. The stories and the rumors such as how the heads would be found on the murder’s doorstep Halloween night and etc. I was too young to know all the sorted details. This great book fulled in the missing details I never knew about. I would recommend this quick read to even those who did not live in the area. The author gives such good descriptions, you would think you lived there too.” –Kaylea (Amazon 7/13/2015)




“A fun and quick read, Desert Diplomat offers a behind the scenes perspective of the world of diplomacy. The book describes Saudi society and its elites up-close, including the relationship between Saudi monarchs and Wahhabi imams that legitimize their rule. The book’s final chapters on Jordan’s life post-diplomatic service were personal, which added a great deal to the sense that the author was being sincere with his readers.” –Gabriel  (Goodreads 9/20/2015)


Robinson“This book offered the untold stories of modern law, which allowed for the incorporation of many different ideas into a solid argument. There were previously established ideas brought in as a foundation—Lord of the Flies and John Locke come to mind—but the authors utilized new theories about why people follow laws and what makes leadership work.

Overall this was a great read about modern law and I would recommend it for any audience.” –Bridget (Amazon 9/11/2015)



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