Stolen Words by Mark Glickman

Praise from Kirkus Reviews:

“Glickman has produced a provocative history that preserves this important yet often overlooked aspect of the Holocaust, and readers will come away with a valuable perspective on how the written word can be abused for the sake of cultural genocide.”

 “The text is approachable and the material is invaluable. The written word prevails.”


Return to Zion by Eric Gartman

Recommendation from Library Journal:

“It can often be difficult to understand how precarious Jewish life was in a world without a Jewish state. Focusing on the strong personalities involved in Israel’s history, Gartman, a U.S. Department of Defense intelligence analyst, draws on many eyewitness accounts. He explains the drive for a Jewish homeland as a response to anti-Semitism in Europe in the late 1800s, followed by pogroms in Russia and Nazism in Europe in the early 1900s. The book’s quotations from Israeli leaders and citizens lend a fly-on-the-wall perspective to seminal events in Israeli history. Recently declassified U.S. documents contribute a dimension of military and political intrigue. Modern Israel’s evolution from an impoverished and underarmed group of stateless war refugees to a technologically and culturally advanced nation unfolds; threats against Israel’s existence change from being overwhelmed by large enemy armies on her borders to Iran’s nuclear capabilities and the problematic relations between Israel and the Palestinians. Colin Shindler’s A History of Modern Israel covers much the same time period but with more political detail. VERDICT: Readers interested in a concise history of Israel, especially those who believe in her right to exist, will appreciate this book.”


Life Among the Indians by Alice C. Fletcher
Edited and with an introduction by Joanna C. Scherer and Raymond J. DeMallie

Review from Great Plains Research:

“The book is an important contribution to Plains Indian ethnography and still an engrossing read. The best of premodern ethnographic writing, which this is, continues to have both literary and historical value.”


Eight Questions of Faith by Nilles Elliot Goldstein

Applause from Foreword Reviews:

“More than a study, Goldstein’s book is a midlife meditation on the imperfections and ambiguities of human life, and the chronicle of a very personal and often painful struggle to attain authenticity and wholeness.”


Alcohol and Nationhood in Nineteenth Century Mexio by Deborah Toner

Recommendation from CHOICE:

“This book explores the relationship between the social significance of alcohol consumption and nation-building discourses in Mexico during the 19th century.  Toner (modern history, Univ. of Leicester, UK) builds on Benedict Anderson’s perspectives on nation forming processes and Doris Sommer’s notion of “foundational fictions” in Latin America to study literary representation of how consumption of alcohol affected Mexican identity and the construction of the country after its independence from Spain.  The author engages with the most important Mexican fiction writers from 1800 to 1910 to argue that alcohol was viewed in two contradictory ways.  On the one hand, the Mexican cultural elite disapproved of overindulgence in alcohol and worried that drinking establishments (and popular drinks such as pulque) encouraged excess consumption and threatened Mexico’s growth as a country.  On the other hand, some aspects of drinking habits had national significance, and, as such, drinking was an element of praiseworthy Mexican tradition.  Toner grounds her work in a wide range of sources, including newspapers, court transcripts, government policy documents, novels, and medical records.  She also links imbibing alcohol to issues of state revenue, mental health, criminality, poverty, gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, and nationality.  The volume includes a full bibliography and a vast number of notes.

–J. S. Bottaro, Medgar Evers College of The City University of New York

Summing Up: Recommended. Lower-division undergraduates and above.”


James Walker


Author article in TIME Magazine

Joy Castro


Author Q&A in Prairie Schooner

Susan Kollin


Article about author from Montana State University

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