Sublime Physick by Patrick Madden

Review from Publishers Weekly:

“Like many essayists before him, Madden (Quotidiana) makes a habit of finding the transcendent in the transient. In this new, sometimes moving collection, he ranges over topics including spit, plagiarism, empathy, and middle age . . . Madden’s work combines elegance with a bumptiousness, illustrating the messy character of human language and lives.”



This Benevolent Experiment by Andrew Woolford

Praise from the Washington Book Review:

This Benevolent Experiment is a must-read for the experts and students of North American history and Native Americans alike. It is a highly scholarly and readable indictment of American history. This book is very well researched and should be essential reading for everybody interested in understanding how European settlers treated Native Americans in an effort to subjugate them. It is well-referenced and definitely the best book on these subjects.”


So, How Long Have You Been Native? by Alexis C. Bunten

Recommendation from CHOICE:

“. . . From cover to cover, the book reads as one large captivating story comprised of many snapshots of the author’s life based on her interactions with not only the locals with whom she lives but also the tourists with whom she interacts regularly.  Libraries with extensive holdings concerning the Pacific Northwest, anthropology, cultural studies, and/or tourism studies would be best served to add this to their collections—especially because of the academic approach and cited literature throughout.”


My Wife Wants You to Know I’m Happily Married by Joey Franklin

Review from Library Journal (11/01/2015 edition):

“With humor and honesty, Franklin draws wisdom from a variety of experiences in his first collection of personal essays. . . He handles each subject deftly and openly, showing how we’re not alone in our foibles, our freakishness. Franklin’s family life is threaded throughout, and his relationship with his wife, Melissa, might be the book’s loveliest motif. Franklin is a young writer, but he has the skill and good grace of a veteran. VERDICT An essential addition to any public or university library, especially those with creative writing programs.”


Before Boas by Han F. Vermeulen

High recommendation from CHOICE:

“. . . A short review cannot do justice to the sophistication of the author’s comprehensive and remarkable research, which departs from histories that view the origins of anthropology in classical Greece or Renaissance exploration.  For all arts and sciences graduate collections. Summing Up: Essential. Graduate and faculty collections.”



A Game of Their Own by Jennifer Ring

Listed among the Best Books of 2015 in the Boston Globe.


Modern Art at the Border of Mind and Brain by Jonathan Fineberg

Review from the Art Libraries Society of North America:

“Based on Fineberg’s reputation, it could be expected that Modern Art at the Border of Mind and Brain would be a valuable addition for collections centered on art theory. But it’s what makes this book special–its text and visuals–that extends its appropriateness into general art collections.”




David Davis

Author interview with Publishers Weekly.

Houston Heflin-Go Flight.indd

Rick Houston

Author interview with Spaceflight Insider.


Eric Gartman

Author blog post for the Jewish Book Council.


B. J. Hollars

Author article in the North American Review.

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