Color Line Full

From Jack Johnson to Lebron James edited by Chris Lamb

Praise from the Tampa Tribune:

“A thought-provoking collection of essays. Media coverage has expanded greatly since Jack Johnson put on boxing gloves to defend his heavyweight title, and a critical, sharp look at media coverage through the years is a necessary—and welcome—addition to sports literature.”


The Self-Propelled Island by Jules Verne

Translated by Marie-Thérèse Noiset

Review from the Washington Post:

“Aside from its tendency toward leisurely travelogue, The Self-Propelled Island consists largely of slapstick comedy, prescient satire of capitalist privilege and melodrama. Ultimately, it develops into another of Verne’s pessimistic, late-in-life cautionary tales about technology and society, a chronicle of progressive disillusionment leading to disaster.”


For the Love of Wine by Alice Feiring

Recommendation from Kirkus Reviews:

“Feiring’s lively account is a good place to begin for wine lovers seeking a head start on exploring a vastly underappreciated wine-producing country.”



A Generation Removed by Margaret Jacobs

Recommendation from the Journal of American History:

“Jacobs’s history is essential and timely reading.”


A World of Light by Floyd Skloot

Praise from Hugo House:

“No memoirist is as exquisitely tuned to the workings of the brain as Skloot. In A World of Light, Skloot weaves his own story—of living with brain damage caused by a rare viral illness—with that of his mother, whose dementia-afflicted brain has become a ‘meaningless dazzle of refractions and glimmers.'”


Now We Will Be Happy by Amina Gautier

Recommendation from Necessary Fiction:

“Read now against the backdrop of the current presidential election, this prize-winning fiction provides a moral and ethical vibrancy to which we should all pay attention.”




David Davis


Author article published in Deadspin.

Cari M. Carpenter


Author article published in Indian Country Today.

Joe Gisondi


Author interview with the Herald & Review.

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