Reading List: Honoring Black History Month

Today marks the beginning of Black History Month. To encourage readers to learn more and celebrate outstanding individuals in history, you can get these books for thirty percent off!



From Jack Johnson to Lebron James

Edited by Chris Lamb

“… a thought-provoking collection of essays. Media coverage has expanded greatly since Jack Johnson put on boxing gloves to defend his heavyweight title, and a critical, sharp look at media coverage through the years is a necessary—and welcome—addition to sports literature.”—The Tampa Tribune



She Can Bring Us Home

By Diane Kiesel

“Kiesel’s reporting on and writing about Boulding will cause you to reflect about where this country has been and the directions in which it is going. Boulding is a worthy subject whose life merits a thorough telling. The author’s painstaking research and clear narrative style does her subject justice. It is an engaging and enjoyable read.”—CSPAN


Black Mayors, White Majorities

By Ravi K. Perry

Winner of the Outstanding Book Award from the National Association for Ethnic Studies


The Rhythm Boys of Omaha Central

By Steve Marantz

“Despite the grim prognosis of the Rhythm Boys’ community, Marantz presents a halcyon moment when these five extraordinary high-school athletes made anything seem possible at Omaha Central.”—Great Plains Quarterly


Jackson, Mississippi

By John R. Salter, Jr.

“A fierce and passionate retelling of frontline stories from a cultural revolution.”—McCormick Messenger


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