R*dskins by C. Richard King

Praise from the Chicago Tribune:

“But King’s book consists of much more than these specific questions. By its structure and logic . . . the book is designed to elicit a more complex response than mere agreement or disagreement. It’s not an op-ed written to garner a simplistic pro or con reaction, but rather gives people on both sides of the fence, and even on the fence, a great deal to think about.”


Sublime Physick by Patrick Madden

Commentary from The Humble Essayist:

“The essay ‘Buying a Bass,’ which is really the story of not buying a bass, is about the disappointments, lucky turns, improbable meetings and small rebellions that add up to who we are.”


Monster Trek by Joe Gisondi

Review from PopMatters:

“Intriguing, frustrating and ultimately enjoyable, Monster Trek offers yet another look at the ever-expanding study of crytids, this time placing greater emphasis on those who devote their lives and stake their reputation on an exercise in faith.”


Playing with Tigers by George Gmelch

Recommendation from Gregg’s Baseball Bookshelf:

“…I am very happy to say that this book proved me wrong on every front…I couldn’t put it down.  It kept the reader entertained through the entire book and felt like you were on this journey as the authors friend as opposed to a reader forty some years later.”


Selling War by Steven J. Alvarez

Praise from Foreword Reviews:

“Alvarez’s thorough critique of military public relations isn’t a partisan reading of the Iraq War. He shines a damning light on deficiencies wherever he finds them. Selling War effects a sobering lesson on the human cost of miscommunication and misinformation. It should be required reading for military personnel and civilian policymakers.”


Doreen Pfost


Author reading and book signing at the Friends of Necedah National Wildlife Refuge.

John Christgau


Author interview in Vice Sports.

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