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Gallegos_with accent

Crude Nation

by Raúl Gallegos

Review from Publishers Weekly:

“Sharply written and vividly detailed, the book documents how Venezuela’s oil reserves—the world’s largest—subsidize an unsustainable life for its citizens.”





by Safiya Sinclair

Top Ten in Publishers Weekly forthcoming poetry list, fall 2016


Song of Dewey Beard

by Phillip Burnham

Praise from Great Plains Quarterly:

“…Burnham skillfully combines historical research and analysis with Lakota oral tradition to provide a fairly balanced account of Beard’s life.”


Author Under Sail

by Jay Williams

Recommendation from the Journal of Popular Culture:

“Williams’ work stands out as a new and important approach to London studies and a must read for anyone who is interested in learning the truth about London’s career as a writer.”


Return to Zion

by Eric Gartman

Review from the Jewish Book Council:

“This book is written in a popular style and based on impressive research. The work succeeds as both an overview and as a reference source.”






Noah Leavitt and Helen Kim


Author article in Huffington Post

Hal Elliot Wert


Author interview with History News Network

John W. Evans


Author article in the Missouri Review

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