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Flock Together

by B. J. Hollars

Praise from the Colorado Review:

“…Hollars marries scientific rigor with wide-eyed wonder, letting readers enjoy both his command of and joy in his subject.”


George McGovern & the Democratic Insurgents

by Hal Elliot Wert

Review from New Political Science:

“As Americans of conscience face the increasingly vitriolic rhetoric of the 2016 presidential campaign, the images on these earlier posters serve as powerful reminders of another era when our deepest differences could be expressed without descending into what may become our darkest hour.”
Thinking about the Torah
by Kenneth Seeskin
Listed on Publishers Weekly forthcoming religion preview
by Michael C. Fallon
Recommendation from the Christian Science Monitor:
“To take the pulse of a city and penetrate its culture, a good place to start is with its pro sports teams . . . author Michael Fallon uses the club to write both a sports and social history, chronicling America as the nation moved into the ‘me’ era.”



Raúl Gallegos

Gallegos_with accent

Author interviewed for article in Quartz


Helen Kim & Noah Leavitt

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 22.24.51

Authors interviewed for My Jewish Learning

Lawrence J. Haas


Author article in US News and Report


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