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Amiable Scoundrel

by Paul Kahan

Praise from Civil War Books and Authors:

“Whatever one ultimately thinks of Paul Kahan’s portrait of Simon Cameron as a politician who was never as corrupt as posterity has been led to believe and who deserves oracle status regarding what needed to be done to achieve Union victory, the author deserves a great deal of credit for tackling a difficult historical reappraisal with zest and skill.”


The Blue Tattoo

by Margot Mifflin

Review from Bookin’ with Sunny:

“…a fascinating reconstruction of texts and subtexts that says as much about American cultural enthusiasms as it does about Olive’s experiences.”


Fall of the Double Eagle

by John R. Schindler

Recommendation from Michigan War Studies Review:

Fall of the Double Eagle can be read and appreciated by interested general readers as well as all students and scholars of the Great War. Part of its appeal, besides the high quality of the writing, is its author’s gift of being sympathetic without lapsing into romanticism and critical without becoming injudicious.”



Sublime Physick

by Patrick Madden

Recommendation from Ploughshares:

“Madden mixes conversational asides with sharply-worded conclusions, and his inclusion of parentheses and quotations makes reading this collection a lot like jumping from webpage to webpage, but without the corresponding vertigo.”


Olympic Collision

by Kyle Keiderling

Book mention in Deadspin.



Safiya Sinclair


Author interview with Kenyon Review.

Zev Eleff


Author interview with Jewish  Herald-Voice.

Tim Anderson


Author event listing in Omaha World-Herald.

Henry James and editor Greg Zacharias

James Letters

Henry James now featured on a postage stamp!

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