News and Reviews




by Safiya Sinclair

Starred review in Publishers Weekly:

“Stunning debut collection…”

Starred review in Booklist:

“Reading (and rereading) Sinclair is an urgently necessary, absolutely unparalleled experience.”


One-Hundred-Knuckled Fist

by Dustin Hoffman

Review in Publishers Weekly:

“…each story contains a unique spark of life, and the joy found on the page makes for a thoroughly memorable read.”



by Michael Fallon

Praise from The Baseball Historian:

“Fallon is a talented writer, who is able to effortlessly weave together a number of major storylines . . . with the research to provide an impressive array of statistics, stories and newspaper quotes to help bring it all together.”


This Benevolent Experiment

by Andrew Woolford

Review from History of Education Quarterly:

“Woolford is to be commended for bringing so much to the table.”


Irwin Klein and the New Settlers

by Benjamin Klein

Recommendation from Taos Friction:

“Irwin Klein and the New Settlers benefits from the distance in time and space by focusing on an academic and aesthetic approach to the counter culture phenomena. Even if you were there, you might learn something.”


Charles Russo


Author interview in KungFu Magazine.

Helen Kim & Noah Leavitt

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 22.24.51

Authors quoted in the Jewish Chronicle.

Dustin Hoffman


Author interview in Heavy Feather Review.

Michael Dax


Author article in Yes! Magazine.

Bailey Poland


Article about author in Ohio University Magazine.

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