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The Turtle’s Beating Heart

by Denise Low

Praise from Kirkus Reviews:

“An engagingly written mix of research, reportage, and memoir, infused with the passion of discovery.”


Great Plains Indians

by David J. Wishart

Review in the Lincoln Journal Star:

“So how does Wishart tell a 13,000-year-long story in a 150-plus-page book? Of necessity, he soars high above the landscape to delineate the big picture. Then he drops altitude, examining this or that detail more closely. These shifts in perspective are carefully chosen and engagingly written . . . Wishart’s little book is a testament to the richness of [American Indian] cultures and the grit and determination that has sustained them.”


Why I’m an Only Child

by Roger Welsch

Recommendation from the Journal of Folklore Research:

“In sum, this book is not only extremely entertaining; as a mostly informal but thoughtful exposition of folklore and in its explication of various traditional oral narrative genres, it would not be out of place in an introductory folklore or folk narrative course . . . I knew I would enjoy it—but maybe not quite this much.”


Falafel Nation

by Yael Raviv

Review in International Social Science Review:

“Dr. Raviv’s work is intricately woven and historically accurate . . . This book is an excellent cultural and culinary history in the making of Israel’s modern day identity, and how religious and secular ideologies surprisingly worked together to unify the nation.”


Bike Lanes are White Lanes

by Melody L. Hoffman

Review in Sport in American History:

“powerfully relevant . . . Hoffmann’s books highlights how recreation represents a provocative lens for exposing and analyzing social injustice.”


Murdering the President

by Fred Rosen

Book quoted in the New York Post


Safiya Sinclair


Author article published in the Poetry Foundation blog

Alan T. Levenson


Author article published in Bible and Interpretation

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