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Gallegos_with accent

Crude Nation

by Raúl Gallegos

Praise from the Wall Street Journal:

“Superbly reported.”


Fit for the Presidency?

by Seymour Morris Jr.

Praise from Publishers Weekly:

“Given his exceptionally extensive and open-minded analysis, it is a shame that he did not include résumés for the current candidates running for office in this year’s election.”




by Alan T. Levenson

Recommendation from J Weekly:

“…an excellent companion to the Joseph story, substituting admirably for the college class you likely never had.”


Monstrous Nature

by Robin L. Murray and Joseph K. Heumann

Review in Pasatiempo:

“…the wide-ranging discussion covers foreign films and independent films that, in many cases, have flown under the radar. If you are inclined to follow along, there’s plenty here to fill up your Netflix queue.”


Striking Distance

by Charles Russo

Recommendation from Origins:

“…Russo’s work is a useful addition to both the biographies of Bruce Lee, and the history of martial arts in general, and is quite an entertaining read as well.”




by Scott Morrow Johnson

Review in KU Sports:

“What the book does is aim to give is an honest portrayal of the famed KU coach, who could be described as ambitious, stubborn, good-hearted, a man of science, a competitor, a loving father and grandfather, and last but not least, a visionary.”


The Baron and the Bear

by David Kingsley Snell

Excerpted on What’s Up Blog.



Safiya Sinclair


Author and poem listed in the Huffington Post.

B. J. Hollars


Podcast from author event at Magers & Quinn.

Rabbi Goldstein


Author interview with Things Not Seen Radio.

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