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Safiya Sinclair

Shortlisted for the 2017 BOCAS Award for Caribbean Literature:

“Sinclair manages to imbue her writing with such strength and spirit that it gives her poems a disturbing and provocative edge — sometimes shocking, and at other times soft and sensual.”



Pain Woman Takes Your Keys, and Other Essays From a Nervous System

Sonya Huber

Praise from Brevity:

“Through these essays, she speaks the unspeakable. She gives form to the formless. She shapes the difficult reality of her daily life into a narrative that ties her experience with the broader human condition.”


Justice for All

Jeremiah Unterman

Review from Canadian Jewish News:

“…a careful comparative study of biblical ethics.”



Tough Sell

Tom Basile

Review in Kirkus:

“…a vivid account of his on-the-ground experience in Iraq as senior press adviser to the Coalition Provisional Authority from 2003 to 2004…  his personal account of his experiences reporting the war is gripping.”


Flock Together

B. J. Hollars

Praise from the Minneapolis Star Tribune

“…lively, passionate, melancholy, joyful and quirky, and it’s difficult to pin down what manner of book it is — natural history? Memoir? Poetic lament? It’s all and none of those, but always an endearing and highly readable book.”


The Baron and the Bear

David Kingsley Snell

Recommendation from El Paso Times:

“…an important book about an important game in sports history”



Bailey Poland

Book mention in The Atlantic.


Quilts and Human Rights

Edited by Marsha MacDowell, Mary Worrall, Lynne Swanson, and Beth Donaldson

Review in The Journal of Folklore Research

“That the authors include these quilts in their discussion speaks to their courage as well as their confidence in the intelligence of their audience. The authors have refused to bowdlerize the wide varieties of the human experience inherent in the text’s own subject matter, and in order to cope with this subject matter the text demands that the reader/viewer move beyond romantically sentimentalizing the folk and their lore as being inherently essentially good.”



Ted Kooser


Author interview documentary for the Why I Create project.

Oscar Robertson


Author article in The Undefeated.

Helen Kim and Noah Leavitt


Authors to speak for Scholar-In-Residence weekend at Beth El Synagogue in Omaha.

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