Now available in paperback!

Summer is almost in full swing and these books are now all available in paperback editions.


“This is an engaging, well-researched, often-original study of violent female speech in early modern English culture.”—Deborah Willis, Renaissance Quarterly



“In his ground breaking and comprehensive biography of Jack London, Author Under Sail: The Imagination of Jack London, Jay Williams approaches London’s writing life in a way that no other biographer or scholar has previously endeavored.”—Iris Dunkle, Journal of Popular Culture



“This important contribution to media and indigenous studies is destined to become required reading in these areas.”—C. R. King, CHOICE



“Thanks to [this] new edition of the personal diary he kept during the voyage [to England], for the first time we are able to enter to some degree into Audubon’s thoughts and feelings during that stressful year [of 1826]”—Robert O. Paxton, New York Review of Books



“A thoughtful documentation of one woman’s struggle to maintain her ancestral homeland.”—Booklist



“Discourse markers, a major aspect of Ojibwe, as Brendan Fairbanks notes, are among the elements that make teaching and learning Ojibwe as a second language particularly challenging. The author’s insightful analysis of the nuances they bring to expression will greatly aid instructors and adult learners in particular.”—M. Naokwegijig-Corbiere, assistant professor in the Department of Indigenous Studies, University of Sudbury

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