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The Cruft of Fiction

David Letzler

Praise from Heradas Review

“It’s all very well illustrated and argued, and the sections covering the handful of novels discussed that I haven’t read, were often more interesting to me than the ones covering the novels that I have. I’ve always thought that good non-fiction books should introduce the reader to several more books to read, and this one is no exception.”



Dorothy Brooke and the Fight to Save Cairo’s Lost War Horses

Grant Hayter-Menzies

Shout-out from Bookriot.




Victoria Lamont

Praise from Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature:

” In recovering women’s elided texts and laying bare the systemic mechanisms of their erasure, Westerns does far more than add women and stir; it is a tremendous gift to scholarship, restoring women’s contributions to American literary history and laying a more accurate and inclusive foundation for future work.”

McLean-River Kabul.indd

Crossing the River Kabul

Kevin McLean

Review from New York Journal of Books:

Crossing the River Kabul is a solid offering, especially in terms of the rich historical and political details it provides.”



Beautifully Grotesque Fish of the American West

Mark Spitzer

Mention in Omaha World-Herald.



Hero of the Crossing

Thomas W. Lippman

Review from Middle East Policy Council:

“…a well-informed book about one of [the Arab World’s] more colorful leaders”



Justice for All

Jeremiah Unterman

Review from Jewish News Service:

“Unterman’s book will enable us to open the Bible and will help us understand what it tells us in our time, as well as in the days when it came into being.”





Katya Cengel


Author interview on the Dave Congalton Show (KEVC).


Charles Russo


Author interview on the Bruce Lee Podcast.


John Florio


Author interview on Fox Sports 1340 AM.


Denise Low


Author interview in Indian Country Today.


Safia Elhillo


Author interview in Mosaic Magazine.


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