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Gallegos_with accent

Crude Nation

Raul Gallegos

Book mentioned in the New York Times:

“Gallegos provides crucial background for the country’s present situation, and also offers a solution for fixing the country’s economy and helping it re-enter the global energy industry.”




Frédéric Brun
Translated by Sarah Gendron and Jennifer Vanderheyden

Review from Publishers Weekly:

“…there is an appealing quality to the narrator’s quest to seek out truth and beauty even as he reckons with historical horror.”



Violence in Capitalism

James A. Tyner

Praise from Social and Cultural Geography:

“A strength of the book is how thoroughly Tyner’s arguments are constructed and presented; he leaves very few stones unturned along the way.”



The French Army and Its African Soliders

Ruth Ginio

Review in Journal of Social History:

“My sense is that this critical dialogue will continue for years to come and from a variety of global perspectives.”



Modern Orthodox Judaism

Edited by Zev Eleff

Review from American Jewish History

“…a superb volume.”



Stolen Words

Mark Glickman

Mention on BookRiot.




Jerri Bell and Tracy Crow


Event at Politics & Prose broadcast on C-SPAN’s Book-TV.


Ila Borders


Author interviewed for Pamplin Media Group.


Gregory D. Smithers


Author article on Charlottesville in New Matilda.

John Cook


Book events listed in Lincoln Journal Star.

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