A Word from Our Readers

We love to hear what our readers have to say about our books! Check out these comments from readers on Amazon and Goodreads.



“Fleda Brown Jackson’s poetry is a delight and full of raw ideas about everyday existence. The poems cover a wide array of topics, and they are simplistic in that the author does not seem to try terribly hard to convey meaning. After reading this collection, I feel quite inspired by daily lifeno matter how mundane or commonplace. These poems stirred many emotions in me, especially ‘The Death of Cleone.’ The lyricism of this collection impressed me, and I have a feeling that Brown Jackson’s words will stick with me for years to come.” –Heather (Goodreads, 12/10/16)





“I thoroughly enjoyed Beautifully Grotesque Fish of the American West. […] Spitzer’s writing style perfectly combines a colloquial story telling voice with the poetic sophistication and informed diction of the best nonfiction. […] I laughed and smiled throughout the journey. Spitzer listens to fishtheir perils and promises, their amazing resilience in the face of so much environmental degradation. He has a genuinely decent, sensitive, loving way with the creatures he loves to catch, study, release, save and sometimes eat. I like and trust this angler. This is an excellent book.” –Henry (Amazon, 3/10/17)





“​Safia throws the lines and quietly leaves. Ends the line, ends the page, ends the poem.

But the lines resonate; the meanings explode behind her as she walks calmly, steadily, away. The way Safia braids Arabic with English in her poems is absolutely breathtaking. 

She is, simply, stunning.” –Tasneem (Goodreads, 7/14/17)






“Fascinating read, I had no idea what an intelligent and forward-looking woman Scripps was. Her life is at the heart of the history of so much of Southern California: the founding of Scripps College, the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, the Bishops school, the San Diego Zoo, Miramar (Top Gun), Irving Gill’s architecture, the modern newspaper, and so much more. It is also a fascinating history of La Jolla from a tiny art colony to a hub for upper class liberals. I was expecting just another history, and instead found this to be a page-tuner full of provocative ideas and fascinating tales.” –SD (Amazon, 7/15/17)





“[…] Making My Pitch is an insightful look into baseball and what it takes to be a pitcher. It showcases how unnecessarily difficult it is for women to break into the sport, even when they have the skill and talent to be one of the best. I definitely recommend this book to any sports fan, especially young women. Ila tells it like it is and will show you a new perspective on baseball. She’s inspiring and brave and I’ll always remember her story.” –Taylor (Goodreads, 1/29/17)


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