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Diversifying Diplomacy

Harriet Elam-Thomas

Praise from Kirkus Reviews:

“For those interested in becoming diplomats, the book effectively shows the high standards required. An informative, behind-the-scenes look at one black woman’s rise through the ranks of the Foreign Service when few others like her were serving as diplomats.”



Unpopular Sovereignty

Brent M. Rogers

Review from Deseret News:

“…a balanced account that expertly covers issues faced by Mormons, the Great Basin’s indigenous population, Democrats, Republicans and all Americans as the United States descended into Civil War.”



The French Army an Its African Soldiers

Ruth Ginio

Review from H-France:

“Most significantly, The French Army and Its African Soldiers provides an innovative analysis of the late colonial years with incisive discussion of their legacy, enriching a growing field of scholarship. Ginio’s important new book insists on West Africa’s (and West Africans’) dynamic place within the French empire…”



Murrow’s Cold War

Gregory M. Tomlin

Praise from the Journal of American History:

“…a concise, lucid, and sympathetic analysis of Murrow’s tenure at the USIA.”



Exceptional Mountains

O. Alan Weltzein

Review in Lively Times:

“Bottom line, people drawn to the outdoors need to work harder at minimizing their impacts while management agencies need to adopt stricter permitting and access rules. For those of us who are accustomed to unfettered access to wild spaces, it marks a sad, but likely essential path to survival for these beloved landscapes.”



Justice for All

Jeremiah Unterman

Mention on the Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh blog.




Andrei Kovalev


Author article in Newsweek.


Rabbi Shai Held


Author article in the Jerusalem Post.


Safiya Sinclair


Author interview with David Naimon on Today’s Best Writers in Conversation.


Robert A. McNally


Author article in Indian Country Today.



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