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How We Won & Lost the War In Afghanistan

Douglas Grindle

Praise from Publishers Weekly:

“This is a well-told story and a must-read for those who want to understand the obstacles to success in Afghanistan.”



The Heart of Torah

Rabbi Shai Held

Feature in Times of Israel:

“Rabbi Held’s own love of Torah animates these essays… What’s most striking is how in each essay, he takes the reader to another level with his connections to everyday life, awakening the reader toward living more fully, with compassion and authenticity. With carefully turned words, he uplifts and inspires.”



Glory Days

Melissa Fraterrigo

Praise from the Journal-Gazette & Times Currier:

“We’ve seen this story before, in the news and in the faces of the people around us. It resonates because it could easily be written about us, our friends, our families. It is heartbreaking because it is so real, but that’s also what makes Teensy’s eventual redemption so rewarding.”



This River Beneath the Sky

Doreen Pfost

Review in Western American Literature:

“Pfost’s earnest dedication to botanical and zoological minutiae emerges in rich descriptions of the environment while she hikes and jogs along the river…. River Beneath the Sky follows a journalistic path providing the backstory of sandhill crane conservation in Nebraska, its necessary infrastructure projects, local grassroots opposition, and the families of homesteaders, concluding, appropriately, with the close of another migratory passing of sandhill cranes through the Rowe Sanctuary.”



The Art of Football

Michael Oriard

Mention in Christian Science Monitor:

“…a visual treasure trove.”




Brandi Denison


Author op-ed in the Denver Post.


Tom Carhart

Carhart-Golden Fleece.indd

Author interview on New Books Network.


Patrick Madden


Author interview in the American Literary Review.


Martha Louise Deutscher


Author interview on the Chip Franklin Show (KGO 810).



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