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Saga of Chief Joseph, Bison Classic Edition

Helen Addison Howard

New Introduction by Nicole Tonkovich

Review in Publishers Weekly:

“From Joseph’s years as a spiritual leader to the 1877 battle of the Bearpaw Mountains and surrender of the Nez Perce, Howard renders Joseph’s life and times in fine detail. Her storytelling reflects a sharp journalistic eye and a knack for the grand sweep of history.”



The Last Days of the Rainbelt

David J. Wishart

Review in Middle West Review:

“Anybody who is familiar with western land legislation and pioneer settlement will appreciate Wishart’s brief explanation of how land could be acquired.”



This Kind of War: The Classic Korean War History 

Fiftieth Anniversary Edition

Mention in Politico Magazine:

This Kind of War is a comprehensive, sequential, but frankly subjective account of America’s ‘forgotten war’ in Korea, told in a bluff style laced with bold aphorisms and narrative brio that recalls H.G. Wells, Winston Churchill and other popular historians of an even earlier era.”



The Heart of Torah

Rabbi Shai Held

Review in Forward:

“But in returning to my Torah portion and seeing it through Shai’s eyes, I have come to have a new appreciation for what my parents did for me by ushering me into adulthood with a simple, dignified celebration that put no one to shame.”



Homesteading the Plains
Richard Edwards, Jacob K. Friefeld, and Rebecca S. Wingo

Review in Omaha World-Herald:

“‘Homesteading the Plains’ marshals detailed historical information, including from Nebraska, and pushes back against most of those claims. The book is a welcome contribution to the understanding of our region.



I’ll Be Your Mirror

David Lazar

Praise from PopMatters:

“…this book is a remarkable look at the transformative and thrilling sounds the essay can make when given the chance to play as many different instruments as possible.”




Rosalyn R. LaPier


Author interview on  The Hedgehog and the Fox.


Mel Ayton


Author article in BizNet Magazine 


Melissa Fraterrigo


Author interview on Midwestern History Association


John Cook


Author interviewed for Why I Create video series.

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