A Word From Our Readers

We love to hear what our readers have to say about our books! Check out these comments from readers on Amazon and Goodreads.


McLean-River Kabul.indd


“You can call it a memoir or a diary but is a very interesting piece of history immersive and very well written. I learned a lot about this war-torn country. The story is about courage and fear, money and power, fate. You want to read it in one go!” –Anadaf (Amazon, 10/2/17)







“What beautiful writing in such a short book. Humorous and honest, Rick’s observations and expressions of every day life is pure joy!” –Randi (Goodreads, 6/28/17)






“The authors did an amazing job of layering baseball with society and the several momentous events occurring across the country in the 1960’s. […] This book did not just focus on one event of the decade, but rather was an exploration of the totality of the decade and how each individual event intertwined with baseball and its stars, altering society and the sport along the way.” –Kyle (Goodreads, 3/13/17)







“A must for understanding the trajectory of war’s nature across time.” –Amazon Customer (Amazon, 9/2/17)








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