News and Reviews



Glenn Miller Declassified

Dennis M. Spragg

Features in Mirror and Daily Mail.



Defying Expectations

Simon and Susan Veness

Feature in MLS Soccer:

“The book chronicles travails of the Orlando owner, from his rise to riches from a working-class upbringing in Stoke-on-Trent, his losing battle to make a go of the USL game in Austin and the Lions’ grass-roots growth that culminated in their move up to the top flight.”



Great Plains Literature (March 2018)

Linda Ray Pratt

Feature in Omaha World-Herald:

“a worthwhile introduction to the region’s literary heritage.”


Bell and Crow-MyCountryToo.indd

It’s My Country, Too

Edited by Jerri Bell and Tracy Crow

Recommendation from Military Times

“The welcome and necessary anthology . . . gives a voice to females who fight for the right to fight.”



Glory Days

Melissa Fraterrigo

Highlighted in Bustle:

Glory Days blends the surreal with the supernatural while remaining firmly grounded in the hearty Midwestern earth of its setting.”



Celebrating the Jewish Year (Winter Holidays)

Edited by Paul Steinberg

Excerpted on My Jewish Learning.


Publishers Weekly  mentions

Sugar (April 2018) by Charley Rosen in in PW’s 2018 Spring Memoirs & Biographies Announcement

Stray (March 2018) by Bernard Farai Matambo in PW’s 2018 Spring Poetry Announcement

The Works of Love (Sept 1972) by Wright Morris in “10 Essential Books of the American West”



Christopher M. Church


Author interview on New Books Network.


Gil Troy


Author article in Forward.


Richard Easton


Author interview on the John Bachelor Show.



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