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A Pictographic History of the Oglala Sioux, 50th Anniversary Edition

Drawings by Amos Bad Heart Bull
Text by Helen H. Blish

Featured in the Lincoln Journal Star:

“…retain[s] the status of the “A Pictographic History of the Oglala Sioux” as a remarkable landmark volume, 50 years after it was printed and more than century after Bad Heart Bull put pencils to the ledger.”



Great Plains Literature (March 2018)

Linda Ray Pratt

Reviewed in Publishers Weekly:

“a worthwhile introduction to a body of literature perhaps not as well-known as it should be.”


Nowlin-Tom Yawkey.indd

Tom Yawkey

Bill Nowlin

Reviewed in Library Journal:

“a well-researched biography about the fascinating journey of the Red Sox during the Yawkey era . . . Nowlin touches on all aspects of Yawkey’s life as a philanthropist as well as an aggressive deal-maker, even with regard to controversial issues.”



Medical Imperialism in French North Africa

Richard M. Parks


Reviewed in H-France:

“Parks offers an alternative model for understanding colonial policies and reforms purportedly aimed at helping or improving colonized peoples. ”



San Francisco’s Queen of Vice

Lisa Riggin

Praise from PopMatters:

“a powerful addition to the history of a colorful state”



Hawaiian by Birth

Joy Schulz

Review in Reading Religion:

“Both general reader and scholar will benefit from reading Schulz’s excellent contribution to the study of 19th century Hawaiian history and the role the children of white missionaries played in shaping it.”



The Heart of Torah

Rabbi Shai Held

Review from The Englewood Review of Books:

“My wife is a rabbi. I’m a Catholic. We both love Torah and often study together. We once had a routine on Friday afternoons in which I’d go to noon mass and she’d join me afterwards for Friday fish at a local restaurant. Over lunch, we’d read aloud Shai Held’s weekly parashah . . . Held is a particularly astute and warm-hearted commentator.”



The Grand Old Man of Baseball

Normal L. Macht

Praise from NINE:

“Macht has been at Mack’s story for thirty years, and the advantage of his lack of being in a hurry is evident in the book’s depth and accuracy . . . Macht’s most satisfying contribution is his success in letting the reader know of Connie Mack the individual”



Melody L. Hoffmann


Author interviewed on Strong Towns.


Melissa Fraterrigo


Author interviewed for The Rumpus.


Dennis M. Spragg


Author interviewed for BBC Radio.


Bruce L. Smith


Author interviewed on Human Nature.

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