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The Zoo at Night

Susan Gubernat

Praise from Kenyon Review:

“Rising out of experience—painful, beautiful, disruptive—The Zoo at Night offers an unflinching look at an imperfect world underlain with a conviction to hope.”



Our Lady of the Artichokes

Katherine Vaz

Shout-out from the New York Times:

“Katherine Vaz is the sort of fiction writer who makes me wonder why the rest of us even bother.”



Path of the Prophets

Rabbi Barry L. Schwartz

Review from Booklist:

“Schwartz’s new book works as both an intelligent class textbook… and absorbing personal reading.”



The Great Baseball Revolt

Robert B. Ross

Review from the New York Labor Association:

“…as a contribution to our understanding of the role of athletes and sports leagues in American life, this text is outstanding.”


Transmedial Narratology and Contemporary Media Culture

Jan-Noël Thon

Review from European Comic Art:

“Thon successfully fills the gap of a foundation for transmedial narratology that is remarkable as much for its precise critical re-examination of established narratological terms and concepts as for its own clear terminology and conceptualisations that provide fertile ground for future research.”



Coyote Anthropology

Roy Wagner

Review from Journal of Folklore Research:

“…a thought-provoking book, without a doubt.”



Praise from the Washington Independent Review of Books:

“Finally, we can all be inspired by the significant contributions made by a woman who was brave, relentless, and — comfortingly — ordinary.”



Melissa Fraterrigo


Author article in The Millions.


Clayton Anderson


Author interviewed on Fox News.


Carolyn Ducey


Author interviewed on NET Radio’s Friday Live Extra.


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