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The Pitcher and the Dictator:

Satchel Paige’s Unlikely Season in the Dominican Republic

Averell “Ace” Smith

Article on the author and book in the Los Angeles Times:

“While baseball is at the heart of the book, The Pitcher and the Dictator — the pitcher being the legendary Satchel Paige — the story is about much more, including gunboat diplomacy, the blood-drenched history of the Dominican Republic and, not least, the prevalence of racism and repression in mid-20th century America.”



Alou: My Baseball Journey

Felipe Alou with Peter Kerasotis

Praise from Publishers Weekly:

“This is a powerful memoir of a remarkable player who made a lasting impact on America’s pastime.”



The Zionist Ideas: Visions for the Jewish Homeland—Then,  Now, Tomorrow

Gil Troy

Review in the Jerusalem Post:

“…shed[s] light on the surprisingly diverse and shared commitments to realizing Israel as a democratic Jewish state.”



A Fur Traded on the Upper Missouri:

The Journal and Description of Jean-Baptiste Truteau, 1794-1796

Edited by DeMaille, Parks, and Vézina

Praise from le Journal:

“Expertly edited by the eminent Plains Indian anthropologists and linguists Douglas R. Parks and Raymond J. DeMallie and by Robert Vézina, a linguist who specializes in historical North American French lexicology, and expertly translated by Vézina, DeMallie, and Mildred Mott Wedel, A Fur Trader on the Upper Missouri is an example of what happens when scholars who are masters of their trade team up.”



Regular Haunts: New and Previous Poems

Gerald Costanzo

Review in Carnegie Mellon University Newsletter:

“Called the ‘prophet of American consumer culture,’ Costanzo, professor of English in the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences, writes in parables, fables and jokes—but with a serious undertone—of a culture where genuine emotion cannot be found yet its semblance can be endlessly marketed.”



The Missouri River Journals of John James Audubon

John James Audubon
Edited and with original commentary by Daniel Patterson

Review in Great Plains Quarterly:

“Patterson uses the guns and the blood as the centerpiece of his larger study of Audubon as a naturalist with a nascent environmental ethic, and he does so in wise scholarly fashion, rooting himself in the primary sources—some of which he helpfully provides in his book.”



The Rebounders: A Division I Basketball Journey

Amanda Ottaway

Excerpt in High Post Hoops.




Gregory Wallance


Author post for Tikkun Daily Blog.


Michael Fishbane


Author event in Jewish Standard.


Amy Wallen


Author interview on KPBS San Diego.

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