Now in Paperback: Baseball Edition

The following books are now available in paperback.


A Game of Their Own: Voices of Contemporary Women in Baseball

By Jennifer Ring

“This revealing book, which makes an important contribution to sports and women’s history, will interest anyone curious about an overlooked segment of amateur athletics.”—Craig Clark, Booklist


A Game of Their Own is an engaging and well-written chronicle of women’s baseball in the United States.”—Maria J. Veri, Journal of Sport History


A Game of Their Own reveals a thrilling and too-long-hidden part of our collective sports history. We owe Jennifer Ring a debt of gratitude for assembling this terrific text. We owe a similar debt to the women in these pages who fiercely and rebelliously love a sport that for too long has refused to return their affections. I don’t think a person can say they have a comprehensive sports history library without the inclusion of A Game of Their Own.”—Dave Zirin, sports editor of The Nation


Called Out but Safe: A Baseball Umpire’s Journey

By Al Clark with Dan Schlossberg

Foreword by Marty Appel


“Clark, having called well over 3,000 MLB games, offers a perspective that is engaging as well as steeped in personal experience. It will be of interest to any baseball fan.”—Brian Renvall, Library Journal


“Everything about Called Out But Safe is personal, and thank goodness for it.”—Don Laible, Utica Observer-Dispatch


“Al Clark never threw me out of a game, but Billy Martin wasn’t so fortunate. I not only witnessed his confrontations with Al but enjoyed remembering them in this book.”—Ron Blomberg, first designated hitter


In Pursuit of Pennants: Baseball Operations from Deadball to Moneyball

By Mark L. Armour and Daniel R. Levitt


“Read this book for its treasure trove of baseball history and because it is a damn good read.”—G. Louis Heath, ARETE


“The book is exceptionally well-researched, -reasoned, and -argued, and also exceptionally well-written.”—Rob Neyer, Just a bit Outside


In Pursuit of Pennants is by far the best treatment of the building of baseball teams. It belongs in easy reach on every baseball researcher’s desk or bookshelf, and it’s going to be there for a very long time.”—Jan Finkel, Inside Game
“[An] excellent biography.”—Jacqueline Cutler, Newark Star Ledger


“Mort Zachter captures the essence of Hodges in his biography.”—Bob D’Angelo, Tampa Tribune


“Fans who remember the Brooklyn Bums and the Miracle Mets will find this a must-read.”—Jim Burns, Library Journal


“Beautifully written.”—Robert A. Moss, NINE



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