Now in Paperback

The following books are now available in paperback editions.

9781496205971-Perfect.inddThe Soccer Diaries: An American’s Thirty-Year Pursuit of the International Game by Michael J. Agovino

“An intimate and wonderfully written account of a sport that is increasingly shaking America’s soul out.”—Colum McCann, author of the National Book Award winner Let the Great World Spin and Dancer
“An always-readable, always-engaging journey through the life of a football-mad New Yorker. . . . Truly fascinating.”—Andi Thomas, SB Nation
“A funny and affecting account of one American’s stubborn embrace of soccer.”—Esquire
“A gripping narrative . . . offering insights into the growth of soccer’s popularity in America.”—Souvik Naha, Journal of Sport History
“A thoughtful and enjoyable narrative of his passion for the game”—Keir Graff, Booklist
“Agovino’s journey will make soccer fans reflect on their own path on the lifelong love affair they have with the game they just can’t quit, no matter when that path started.”—Jon Arnold, Goal
“Agovino’s The Soccer Diaries is the testament of those patient fans who knew in their heart-of-hearts that soccer in the US wouldn’t fade away, that it would grow into what we see today, and continue to do so.”—Daniel Casey, Soccer Newsday

9781496206008-Perfect.inddWaterman: The Life and Times of Duke Kahanamoku by David Davis

“A belated and bountiful tribute to this great Hawaiian’s memory.”—Simon Winchester, Wall Street Journal
“A must-read.”—Don Wallace, Honolulu Magazine
“A must-read.”—Surfer Today
“This is the perfect book. . . . I’m ecstatic for the good people at Nebraska. I hope they sell a bazillion copies of Waterman.”—Matt Sutherland, Foreword Reviews
“David Davis’ enjoyable new biography, Waterman: The Life and Times of Duke Kahanamoku, presents a man of many accomplishments and few boasts.”—Ryan McDonald, Easy Reader News
“Davis is to be commended for this winning portrait of a man who ‘yearned for water like it was his lover’ and inspired so many, but most of all Hawaiians, to embrace competition and be proud of where they came from.”—Mindy Pennybacker, Honolulu Star-Advertiser
Waterman provides an engaging tale of a Hawaiian icon and an Olympic super star.”—Lindsay Parks Pieper, Sport in American History
“A much-needed study of a legendary Hawaiian Olympic athlete and surf pioneer.”—Rob Hudson, Journal of Sport History

9781496206398-Perfect.inddThe Heart in the Glass Jar: Love Letters, Bodies, and the Law in Mexico by William E. French

“An important contribution to a relatively new field of history.”—Guiomar Dueñas-Vargas, Hispanic American Historical Review
“Gracefully written, convincingly argued, and accessible to nonspecialists, this book is equally well suited to graduate seminars and undergraduate courses in Mexican history as well as specialized history and/or theory courses on love, courtship, gender relations, and the written word.”—Robert M. Buffington, Historian
“Surprising, intriguing, and sophisticated. . . . This is masterful scholarship with an undercurrent of playfulness.”—William H. Beezley, coeditor of The Oxford History of Mexico
“This is a deeply learned book, the mature work of a widely read, accomplished, and innovative historian.”—Ann S. Blum, author of Domestic Economies: Family, Work, and Welfare in Mexico City, 1884–1943


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