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The Integration of the Pacific Coast League: Race and Baseball on the West Coast

Amy Essington

Included in the New York Times Book Review’s Summer Reading List.



The Roger Kahn Reader: Six Decades of Sportswriting

Roger Kahn; Edited and with an Introduction by Bill Dwyre

Praise from the Wall Street Journal:

“Spending a few hours with The Roger Kahn Reader is like a time-machine voyage back to a sports world of authentic heroes, colorful but not obnoxious characters, just causes, smart talk and love of the games. Roger Kahn helped create that world and reanimates it here for our pleasure.”



Turning Points in Jewish History

Marc J. Rosenstein

Review in Publishers Weekly:

“With strong overviews of foundational developments throughout Judaism—the exodus from Egypt, the destruction of the first and second temples, the expulsion of Iberian Jewry, the Holocaust, and the founding of the modern state of Israel—readers will appreciate Rosenstein’s evenhanded treatment.”



The Rebounders: A Division I Basketball Journey

Amanda Ottaway

Review from Sport in American History

“Unfortunately, like four years of college, it all goes by so quickly, as Ottaway is an easy writer to read and enjoy.”



The Heart of Torah: Essays on the Weekly Torah Portion

Rabbi Shai Held

Praise from Jewish Journal

“Indeed, the real glory of Held’s book is that he shines a bright light on the ancient text, and he brings out the nuances, interconnections and interpretations that make the Bible come fully alive for the modern reader.”



I’ll Be Your Mirror: Essays and Aphorisms

David Lazar

Reviewed on Brevity:

“As someone whose only real social life is reading books, like Lazar’s, I loved spending time with him while reading this collection. It felt like hanging out with a dear friend—a friend who hums to himself, often digresses, and occasionally shouts frenetic revelations into the early-morning insomniac darkness, but dear nonetheless.”




Abigail Markwyn


Author interviewed on C-SPAN Book-TV.


Michael Agovino


Author was a guest on Good Seats Still Available podcast.


Scott D. Seligman

Seligman-3rd Degree.indd

Author interviewed on the National Committee on US-China Relations podcast.


Randall Fowler

Fowler-More Doctrine.indd

Author interviewed on Military History Inside Out.


Roger Gilles


Author of Women on the Move (October 2018) quoted in Outside.


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