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Unpopular Sovereignty: Mormons and the Federal Management of Early Utah Territory

Brent Rogers

Winner of the Mormon History Association’s 2018 Best First Book Award



Paradise Destroyed: Catastrophe and Citizenship in the French Caribbean

Christopher M. Church

Winner of the French Colonial Historical Society’s Heggoy Book Prize



Invisible Reality: Storytellers, Storytakers, and the Supernatural World of the Blackfeet

Rosalyn R. LaPier

Finalist for the 2018 High Plains Book Award






The Shell Game

Edited and with an Introduction by Kim Adrian

Review in The Millions:

“…a volume that is as much an inspiration for other writers as it is a definitive collection of a constantly evolving genre.”



Strategy Strikes Back: How Star Wars Explains Modern Military Conflict

Edited by Max Brooks, John Amble, ML Cavanaugh, and Jaym Gates

Review in War On the Rocks:

“Strategy Strikes Back highlights what good science fiction and serious reflection on pop culture can do: bring the (strategic) dilemmas of the current age into stark relief.”



Alou: My Baseball Journey

Felipe Alou with Peter Kerasotis

Feature in Tampa Bay Times:

“…details a journey that lifted [Alou] from poverty, past racism and into Dominican history books.”


Ezell-Far Corner.indd

A Far Corner: Life and Art with the Open Circle Tribe

Scott Ezell

Praise from Bookish Asia:

“Ezell’s poetic leanings enrich his prose. He can certainly write and A Far Corner (2015), which chronicles his time in Dulan, is full of memorable phrasing. And to get such a lyrical account – both in style and subject matter – from a university press is a welcome surprise.”



The Presidents and the Pastime: The History of Baseball and the White House

Curt Smith

Mention in Christian Science Monitor:

“As a former presidential speechwriter and the author of ‘Voices of the Game,’ the classic history of baseball broadcasting, Smith is the ideal person to unearth a rich vein of anecdotal material.”



George Sword’s Warrior Narratives: Compositional Processes in Lakota Oral Tradition

Delphine Red Shirt

Review in Great Plains Quarterly:

“Highly significant… Red Shirt successfully reopens the conversation to remind Indigenous studies scholars that linguistic recovery and maintenance are imperative to the cultural continuance of the Lakota Nation.”



The JPS Rashi Discussion Torah Commentary

Steven and Sarah Levy

Review from The Reporter Group:

“An excellent way for those unfamiliar with Rashi to begin studying his commentary.”





Melissa Fraterrigo


Author interviewed in Rain Taxi.


David Davis


Author article for Zócalo Public Square.


Amina Gautier


Author interviewed in Fiction Writers Review.


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