National Bison Day

Tomorrow is National Bison Day! It is an annual commemoration of the ecological, cultural, historical and economic contribution of the American bison to the United States. National Bison Day has been held each year since 2012 on the first Saturday in November.

The University of Nebraska Press is the proud publisher of Bison Books and has a number of wonderful books to celebrate the history of this great animal.

Buffalo Nation: American Indian Efforts to Restore the Bison by Ken Zontek is a hopeful narrative of Native people’s efforts to repopulate the plains with a viable bison population.

In Wild Idea: Buffalo and Family in a Difficult Land, writer and endangered species biologist Dan O’Brien starts an ethically-run buffalo ranch. It’s the story of a family trying to build a healthy life in a big, beautiful, and sometimes dangerous land. The story continues today at his Wild Idea Buffalo Company.

O’Brien is also the author of Great Plains Bison which offers a guide to the history and ecology of bison on the Great Plains. This book is the third title in the Discover the Great Plains Series.

Share your favorite Bison book using the hashtags #BisonBooks and #NationalBisonDay!







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