News from Journals: 2018 in Review

The Journals: Management and Publishing Solutions department (J:MaPS) monthly updates will inform you of the latest news including journal updates, editorial changes, and new issue releases. 

The year 2018 was quite exciting for Journals: Management and Publishing Solutions! Adding to the existing hustle and bustle of twenty-seven journals and various special projects, J:MaPS acquired five additional journals. Another of UNP’s existing journals, Middle West Review, formalized its relationship with a scholarly society. The year also brought two new members to the J:MaPS team. Aimee Allard brings expertise and a PhD in English to her role as Project Coordinator, and Haley Mendlik contributes a range of experiences as Marketing Associate.

As a farewell to the current year and in anticipation of the adventures to come in 2019, each of the new acquisitions are introduced below.

The American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation expands J:MaPS’s work further into the realm of social sciences. It is a quarterly journal that provides insights on psychiatric disability, rehabilitations, advocacy, and recovery. Audiences range from service providers and public policy makers to individuals in recovery along with their caregivers, families, friends, and advocates. The editor is Larry Davidson, Yale University School of Medicine, and the associate editors are Kenneth J. Gill, Rutgers University School of Health Professions; Chyrell Bellamy, Yale University; and Margaret Swarbrick, Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care.

Historical Geography is the official journal of the Historical Geography Specialty Group of the American Association of Geographers. Published annually, HG is a venue for international and interdisciplinary dialogue among professionals, scholars, and students interested in geographic perspectives on the past. The team of editors are Arn Keeling, Memorial University of Newfoundland; Briony McDonagh, University of Hull; and Michael Wise, University of North Texas.

INTERTEXTS: A Journal of Comparative and Theoretical Reflection is edited by Jacob Blevins of Sam Houston State University. Articles analyze the relations between literary and other texts including historical, theoretical, literary, philosophical, and social. Detailed textual analysis is provided through a hybrid of methodologies, disciplines, and reflections. The journal seeks new understandings of familiar texts as well as examinations of the strengths and limitations of modern literary theory.

The Journal of Magazine Media is the official journal of the Magazine Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. Under the guidance of Editor Kevin M. Lerner of Marist College, the journal publishes research reports, interpretive articles, opinion pieces, essays, and critical reviews of books and teaching materials. JMM is dedicated to furthering research, knowledge, understanding, and pedagogy of new media and magazines.

North Dakota Quarterly, is a public humanities and literary journal with a long history of international contributions. It is widely admired across the global literary landscape as each issue offers a diverse range of articles, essays, stories, and poetry. NDQ is edited by William Caraher at the journal’s birthplace, the University of North Dakota.

Middle West Review, one of UNP’s existing journals, was recently adopted by the Midwestern History Association as its official journal. The organization is a leading advocate for academic discussion relating to Midwestern history and thus shares similar objectives with Middle West Review.

Under the umbrella of Publishing Solutions, the J:MaPS team is also working with the University of Nebraska Medical Center to create a manual for isolation and quarantine. This book written by infections disease experts and formed through a partnership across the University of Nebraska systems is exemplar of the press’s mission of teaching, research, and service as it will serve as a training and reference guide both locally and internationally. Although medical titles are not generally published by the press, J:MaPS accepted the project as an important contribution to the University and community.

In conclusion, 2018 has been a year of expanding opportunities. Looking ahead, 2019 holds the excitement of the first issues of the new journals published by UNP. The journals team also looks forward to growing its existing journals, maintaining productive partnerships with the journals’ editors, and serving its management and publishing solutions clients like UNMC and Nebraska Extension. Lastly, keep a lookout for the new journals website launching in early 2019.

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