News and Reviews



War Flower

Brooke King

Starred review from Kirkus:

“An absolutely compelling war memoir marked by the author’s incredible strength of character and vulnerability.”



Typically Jewish

Nancy Kalikow Maxwell

Review from Kirkus:

“A spirited examination of the essence of Jewishness.”



The Future Has an Appointment with the Dawn

Tanella Boni

Review from World Literature Today:

“While she maintains a desire for hope, she is careful to differentiate a desire for hope and hope itself.”



In Command: Theodore Roosevelt and the American Military

Matthew Oyos

Review from Michigan War Studies Review:

“Its author’s thorough research and evenhanded portrayal should make this book the standard treatment of a president who revered the nuances of military management, weaponry, and strategic thinking.”



The Talmud of Relationships, Volume 1 & 2

Rabbi Amy Scheinerman

Review from Jewish Book Council:

“Through this firsthand encounter with the core text of Judaism, readers of all levels—Jews and non-Jews, newcomers and veterans, students and teachers, individuals and chevruta partners and families alike—will discover the treasure of the oral Torah.”



Soldiers of the Nation: Military Service and Modern Puerto Rico, 1868–1952

Harry Franqui-Rivera

Review from StrategyPage:

“Prof. Franqui-Rivera has written the most useful military history of Puerto Rico in English, while discussing the importance of military service to the evolution of a Puerto Rican national identity.”



Susan Devan Harness


Author interviewed on Colorado Public Radio.


Renya K. Ramirez


Author interviewed in University of California-Santa Cruz news.


John Tramazzo


Author interviewed on the Bourbon Daily Show.


Katya Cengel


Author interviewed on KPBS.

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